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Kunststofftechnik GmbH.
Werfelstraße 4/0/1
A-4614 Marchtrenk

Tel.: +43 - 7243 - 51030
Fax.: +43 - 7243 - 51031

UID-Nr.: ATU61201238

FN 254221 f
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About us
Founded in 1990
PMK plastics engineering Ges.b.R. was founded by A.& I. Kiroje in July 1990 and began operations with the exclusive agency of the Italian company Luigi Bandera S.p.A.. (agency was finished in the meantime).
The company form Ges.b.R. was changed in Oktober 2004 - backdated to 01.02.2004 - to a GmbH.
Agency rights for further Italian companies were soon added to complement the range of products.
In addition to the agencies, we also design tools for the extrusion field, especially pipe heads for all the usual types of plastics, and we optimize screw geometries to suit customer specifications.

30 years experience
Our technical office has 30 years experience in the design and layout of machines and tools for processing plastics.

High technical standards and quality
Therefore we only represent companies, which supply equipment with high technical standards and respective quality.
A limited spare parts stock is kept in Austria and the majority of aftersales service is also carried out from Austria.