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We are pleased to introduce our new partner:

                    - You have problems with contamination, such as color remains in the cylinder, screw, nozzle or hot runner systems?
                    - Can be seen stripes/clouds or spots in the film?
                    - The material or color change is too time consuming and costs too much?

Then we have a solution for you: EKO SAVE Purging Compounds

EKO SAVE purging compounds enable fast cleaning of screws and barrels, nozzles, hot runner systems in the areas of injection molding, extrusion (tubing, profile), blow molding and blown film.

With EKO SAVE cleaning granules (ready mix) you can reach:

                    - Shortening of the color change process
                    - Reduction of defective products
                    - Improved quality of the following products
                    - Cost savings
                    - Improved production planning

You are interested? Tell us which raw material you are using now, the working temperature, the melt flow index. The same information we need from the materials you want to use after. Then you describe us the problem you want to solve with the cleaning compound (remove paint residues, contaminants, strips, etc.).

Would you like for now more information? Gladly! A quick phone call or email is enough and we will send you what you like to.